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Bourns announces the acquisition of Kaschke Components on February 1, 2021.

A New Product - ETD76


Power Storage Products

Our KLL (Kaschke Low loss) were developed for high efficiency and small hysteresis losses.

Transpondercoils for Identification Systems

The market for wireless operating RFID systems (Radio Frequency Identification)

Ferrite cores for power applications

Ferrite cores for inductive components for power electronics

Kaschke Product News

40 Jahre – 40 Years Kaschke Components Tunisie

The roots of Kaschke Components Tunisie (KCT) stretch back to the year 1979. At the time, Kaschke was already a significant supplier to Europe’s consumer electronics industry. Increasing pressure from competitors, triggered by component manufacturers in Japan, was...

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Coils for all applications

From miniature chokes for medical devices to high-performance boost chokes for inverters used in contactless energy transfer systems of up to 240 KW.

Our ferrites have got what it takes

We have been supplying our customers with standard and special solutions in the area of soft magnetic materials and core geometries for over 60 years.


Our new product catalog is here! The full Kaschke product range at a glance. Read the latest news about Kaschke.

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Telefon +49 551 5058 6 • Telefax +49 551 65756