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Over 60 years innovative & customer oriented

Contactless energy transfer technology is not just used in electrical toothbrushes; in Braunschweig it is also used in electric buses, albeit in a larger format. The power chokes used for these systems are subject to stringent requirements: they must be highly effective, compact, water-cooled, low noise and offer high flux density. This was a challenge well within the capabilities of Kaschke Components.

Since the company was founded in 1955, we have continued to expand our development and manufacturing expertise and provide our customers with tailored solutions, offering optimal performance in line with the ‘design to cost’ principle.

These solutions are developed at our headquarters in Göttingen and manufactured at our production sites in Tunisia and Küllstedt in Thuringia.

Our sustainably-manufactured, high-performance inductive components and soft magnetic materials play a vital role in a diverse range of applications from hearing aids to photovoltaic systems.

From industrial electronics to automotive, medical and railway technology, customers benefit from our design expertise, years of manufacturing experience, high quality standards and ‘just in time’ logistics – all supplied in keeping with our slogan ‘We provide solutions’.

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