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Automotive electronics

The automobile industry is becoming more and more technology driven with manufacturers offering many platform options.

Besides the protection of natural resources and reducing environmental pollution being the major focus, further emphasis is on passenger safety and comfort.

Kaschke designs and produces inductive components for the following automotive applications:

  • tire pressure monitoring (TPMS)
  • airbag applications
  • Keyless Go, Keyless Entry systems
  • Electronic Powered Assisted Steering (EPAS/EPHS)
  • Brake energy regeneration
  • Hybrid drives

With 15 years of experience on the automobile business area, Kaschke is specialised in transferring your technical requirements in a short time to market. The APQP-, PPAP and PPF – procedures are the fundamentals for each single development.

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Telefon +49 551 5058 6 • Telefax +49 551 65756